February 2020

Vegetarian Greek Moussaka

By | February 28th 2020|Categories: Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , , |

After spending some time in Athens I realized I never posted any moussaka recipes yet, so hereby please find a vegetarian moussaka recipe based on lots of herbs, veggies and a smooth bechamel sauce.

Poached redfish with red pesto couscous

By | February 24th 2020|Categories: Fish dishes|Tags: , |

Lovely dish with fresh fish. Redfish isn't cheap but it is one of my favorites, especially if it is softly poached and almost falls apart on your plate. The spicy couscous is a great addition to the soft fish. With this dish you are able to easily serve an impressive meal!

Pasta with chicory and smoked salmon

By | February 20th 2020|Categories: Fish dishes, Pastas|Tags: , , |

Oke, I have to admit; this is not the best looking pasta ever but you should still give it a try! It's a great combination with the salty smoked salmon, the bitterness of the chicory and the smooth sauce with some nutmeg in it.

Vegetarian broccoli-curry dish

By | February 18th 2020|Categories: Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , , |

Easy, working day oven dish! Lovely and fulfilling after a long working day!

Zucchini-couscous boat

By | February 16th 2020|Categories: Side dishes, Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , , |

Lovely vegetarian dish that you can also easily serve as a side-dish by chopping this zucchini's smaller. Tasty and healthy by only using vegetables and couscous and besides that very easy to make.

Granny’s red cabbage

By | February 14th 2020|Categories: Side dishes, Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , |

A good Dutch beef stew is only complete when you have sweet red cabbage added as a side dish! Some recipes are good on its own and need little to none additions. So enjoy this little beet sweet red cabbage with your beef stew and mashed potatoes.