July 2020

Couscous and mushroom salad

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Lovely couscous salad with mushrooms, spinach and shaved almonds. Easy to create and very tasty. 20 minutes Easy 0 - 5 euro pp Text Text Ingredients for 2 pers.: 150 g [...]

June 2020

Fish and veggies from the BBQ

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Delicious fish dish from the BBQ. The BBQ usually brings out the core flavours of the fish and vegetables. It doesn't need a lot of extra's but is just very pure. I love it! this one tastes perfectly with a nice rose or white wine.

Veggie braai skewers

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The BBQ Season has started! I am looking forward and will be sharing several BBQ recipes in the upcoming period kicking of with veggie and herb skewers! Enjoy!

Tuscan seasoned shrimps with broccoli

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Lovely dish with it's roots coming from the Thai curry but completely revamped to reflect the Tuscan seasoning and flavours. Finished of with large shrimps and crunchy potatoes.

May 2020

BBQ Portobello

By | May 29th 2020|Categories: Vegetarian dishes|

The weather is great, time to braai! This is a non-standard side dish for the BBQ. A portobello filled with couscous, sundried tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella. Delicious BBQ side- or main vegetarian dish!

Pulled salmon wraps with a avocado-mint spread

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Wraps with pulled salmon, perfect dish for your warm, summer night. Easy to make and delicious to eat outside in the garden!