Lovely, wintery stew based on amber-toned beer and parsnips. Easy to make but takes a couple of hours to get to the right flavours, so you need to start on time.

30 minutes
0 – 5 euro pp

Ingredients for 2 pers.:

  • 400 gr beef rib
  • 300 gr carrots
  • 300 parsnip
  • 1 onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 herbal built with rosemary, thyme, sage, marjoram
  • 1 bottle of autumn special beer
  • 2 bay leaves

How to prepare it:

Cut the meat into bite-sized cubes. Grate the carrots and parsnip and cut into bite-sized discs.

Peel and shred the onion. Peel the garlic, cut it over half and remove the root.

Put a deep casserole on the fire. Heat some butter in this. Add the onion once the butter is melted ad fry for 2 minutes. Add the meat and briefly fry on all sides. Once the meat is baked, add the vegetables and squeeze the garlic into the casserole. Stir well. Place the herb pouch and the bay leaves in the pan. Pour the beer and bring to a boil. Let everything simmer quietly for 1.5 hours. Check regularly whether stew doesn’t dry out, add some water if necessary.

Before serving, remove the bay leaves and the herbal pouch.

Serve with a soft mash.