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15 12, 2020

Mocha tiramisu

December 15th 2020|Categories: Christmas, Desserts|Tags: |0 Comments

Inspired by the Italian dessert; Tiramisu. This version only has one layer so it is not too heavy at the end of your dinner. It is easy to make but takes at least 3 hours to cool in the fridge so please plan ahead.

11 12, 2020

Crème brûlée with speculaas (spiced biscuits)

December 11th 2020|Categories: Christmas, Desserts|Tags: |0 Comments

Do you have some left over speculaas (spiced biscuits) from Sinterklaas? Use them for your Christmas dinner desserts: Creme Brulee with speculaas. This dessert is comfortfood to the max! Enjoy and stay healthy!

8 12, 2020

Dutch Christmas trifle

December 8th 2020|Categories: Christmas, Desserts|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Sweet Christmas dessert! A small 1 person trifle with typical Dutch cookies (stroopwafels), homemade custard and a layer of some apple and pear with cinnamon. Christmas 2020 is all about treating yourself, this recipe may help. Enjoy and stay healthy!

26 03, 2020

Panna Cotta with blueberry coulis

March 26th 2020|Categories: Desserts|Tags: |0 Comments

Lovely dessert. Smooth panna cotta with lukewarm coulis of blueberries! Enjoy. 20 minutes Easy 0 - 5 euro pp Ingredients for 2 pers.: 250 ml non-whipped whip cream 1 vanilla pod 40 g sugar 10 g vanilla sugar 3 leaves gelatin 50 ml crème de cassis [...]

22 11, 2019

Pears with honey and raisins

November 22nd 2019|Categories: Desserts|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Delicious and easy dessert, lovely with the vanilla ice cream!

20 10, 2019

Crumble with pear

October 20th 2019|Categories: Desserts|Tags: |0 Comments

Easy peasy dessert but lovely when you serve it lukewarm.... maybe with some whipped cream :)

12 03, 2019

Easy cinnamon rolls

March 12th 2019|Categories: Desserts|Tags: |0 Comments

Super easy and speedy cinnamon rolls. Within 20 minutes you have a lovely dessert of coffee snack on your table. The lovely cinnamon smell lights up your entire kitchen.

30 10, 2018

Mango mousse

October 30th 2018|Categories: Desserts|Tags: |0 Comments

Dessert made with just pure fruits! No sweetener added, easy and delicious. 15 minutes Easy 0 - 5 euro pp Ingredients for 2 pers.: 1 mango ½ lemon fresh mint 50 gr red fruits 1 leave of gelatin 1 cinnamon stick How to prepare [...]

29 05, 2018

Crumble with mango

May 29th 2018|Categories: Desserts|Tags: |0 Comments

One of the easiest pies to bake! You don't even need special equipment to create the dough. Just a bit of flower, sugar and lots of fresh fruits!

13 04, 2018

Strained vanilla yogurt with fresh fruits

April 13th 2018|Categories: Desserts|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Quick note: the dish is easy to make but the yogurt requires time to leak. So, I usually start the prepping in the morning. In the evening it won’t take you more then 10 minutes to finish the dish. Strained yogurt is very thick and not particularly sweet. I like the addition of vanilla, it gives a bit of a sweet after taste however I do not need additional sugar. If you prefer sweeter desserts, you can add a bit of sugar and stir it through the yogurt.