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17 02, 2021

Tarragon mayonnaise

February 17th 2021|Categories: Dips & Sauces, Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , |0 Comments

Delicious homemade tarragon mayonnaise. A perfect match with white fish, smoked roast beef, fresh French fries or grilled vegetables.

16 11, 2020

Rouille (Aioli with red peppers)

November 16th 2020|Categories: Dips & Sauces|Tags: , |0 Comments

This rouille is a typical side dish for the French Bouillabaisse, combined with fresh toasts covered in olive oil and garlic. Besides that this is a lovely mayonnaise that works really well with homemade French fries and a nice steak.

5 12, 2019

Melted Camembert with honey and nuts

December 5th 2019|Categories: Dips & Sauces, Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Lovely and easy combining dish for your appetizers. Smooth melted cheese with honey and walnuts that you can dip with your bread.

11 11, 2019

Camembert surprise

November 11th 2019|Categories: Dips & Sauces|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Lovely starter of addition to the cheese starter or dessert!

11 02, 2018

Tomato – avocado salsa

February 11th 2018|Categories: Dips & Sauces, Side dishes|Tags: , |0 Comments

Easy and tasty tomato - avocado salsa. Nice side dish for with fish or as a side salad, but also a very good topping for a bruschetta or as the filling for a wrap. Anyway; fits with everything. :)

28 01, 2018

Creamy mushroom sauce

January 28th 2018|Categories: Dips & Sauces, Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , |0 Comments

Nice, smooth and not too thick mushroom sauce. Good addition to steak, chicken fillets or with fried potatoes.

7 01, 2018

Caramel sauce

January 7th 2018|Categories: Desserts, Dips & Sauces|Tags: |0 Comments

More comfort food! Lovely, tasty caramel sauce for over your desserts! You can make the sauce and keep it in a closed jar so that you can use it at a later stage, you can keep it for quite some time. It stays nice and smooth but doesn't hard out so you can use it even without re-heating it.

2 11, 2017

Melted Camembert

November 2nd 2017|Categories: Christmas, Dips & Sauces, Tapas|Tags: , |0 Comments

Soft, warm cheese with honey, walnuts and thyme from the oven. Let's start dipping. Perfectly to combine with a nice, bold red wine.

22 09, 2017

Fennel spread

September 22nd 2017|Categories: Dips & Sauces, Vegetarian dishes|Tags: |0 Comments

Fennel spread... not very common and you really have to enjoy the taste of fennel to make a dish like this but it's a nice addition to anything with fish or as a nice spread on a good piece of bread.

20 08, 2017

Sauce Tartar

August 20th 2017|Categories: Dips & Sauces|Tags: , |0 Comments

THE perfect sauce as an addition to a nice piece of fish, fish or shrimp croquettes or with your home made french fries!