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11 03, 2021

Bacon & mushroom Quesadilla

March 11th 2021|Categories: Lunch, Meat dishes|Tags: , |0 Comments

Quesadilla with bacon, mushrooms and a tomato salsa.

22 10, 2019

Quesadillas with tuna and a yogurt dip

October 22nd 2019|Categories: Fish dishes, Lunch|Tags: , |0 Comments

Mexican quesadilla with tuna and a yogurt dip. Perfect for a nice lunch or served in small bites.

8 07, 2019

Salmon and spinach omelet

July 8th 2019|Categories: Fish dishes, Lunch|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Delicious and well filled omelet with smoked salmon, mozzarella, spinach and tomatoes. Perfect for a heavier lunch or to make your evening meal easy and quick!

26 06, 2019

Green asparagus salad

June 26th 2019|Categories: Lunch, Salads|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Great lunch dish! I love the combination of flavours in this dish. The smoothness of the eggplants, the sweet yolk, the pesto bringing in the spices and the bite of the asparagus.

23 08, 2018

LUNCHTIP: Sandwich with smoked salmon and basil aioli

August 23rd 2018|Categories: Lunch|Tags: , |0 Comments

Need a energizing break from work or just want to spoil yourself with a great lunch in the weekend?! Treat yourself with this delicious sandwich with smoked salmon and basil-aioli.

10 04, 2018

Tuna melt wrap

April 10th 2018|Categories: Lunch|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Delicious lunch wrap with softly melted cheese and warm tuna.

30 03, 2018

Easter brunch tip: Grilled sandwich with avocado and a poached egg

March 30th 2018|Categories: Lunch|Tags: , |0 Comments

Poaching eggs.... it has been the challenge of my cooking life! I have been struggling so much and using all different tactics, but now I finally found one that worked for me. Wrapping the eggs into a bit of cooking foil!!! It's a bit of practice to find out how hard the water should boil and how long to keep the eggs in but after you found this out! It will work every time! Enjoy cooking and brunching this Easter! Happy Easter!!

23 03, 2018

Creamy Bacon – egg salad

March 23rd 2018|Categories: Lunch|Tags: , |0 Comments

It's almost Easter time! time for eggs, eggs and more eggs..... And a couple of other ingredients to spice it up a little bit. Do add this creamy egg salad with bacon to your brunch table!

10 09, 2017

Scrambled eggs with cheese

September 10th 2017|Categories: Lunch|Tags: , |0 Comments

How to make a perfect Sunday breakfast?! Make some fresh juice and these scrambled eggs!! Super easy and nice!

31 08, 2017

Lunch tip: Wraps with herbal cheese, parmaham and spinach

August 31st 2017|Categories: Lunch|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

A nice wrap for lunch, makes your lunch just a little bit more special! Whether it's a working lunch or a pick-nick, since wraps are easy to prep for yourself to take them on the run you can bring them anywhere!