January 2019

Ragout of salmon

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Nice comfort food fish starter! Easy to make and good to serve. You can either serve the dish in a puff pastry cup or covered with some puff pastry.

Tomato soup

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Time for healthy comfort food! Because even though you may have lots of good new years resolutions one of them should always be eat good tasty food! You should never compromise when it comes to taste! Enjoy this healthy, fresh homemade tomato soup!

December 2018

Toast with salmon mousse and grilled zucchini

By | December 30th 2018|Categories: Tapas|Tags: , |

I love making small toasted sandwiches with all different kinds of toppings. Just to try out what the best combinations are. I must admit, making all different toppings will cost you some time however the result is the best! It's a small party on your table with all the different types of sandwiches. Perfect for New Years Eve! Enjoy!

Amaretto parfait

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Delicious dessert! Perfect for, for example a nice Christmas dinner! Small note, it needs to freeze for at least 3 hours, so you need to plan some time for this.

Beef stew with beer

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Stew made with a caramel tinted bock beer gives the meat a very special but subtle flavour and it smells delicious in your house whilst this is cooking. The best part of stews is that you can enjoy a drink with your guests and don't have to be up and running around in your kitchen as the food is cooking itself!

Quick fish soup

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Quick and easy fish soup that is a true experience on your plate.