September 2019

Macaroni with halloumi and a Italian sauce

By | September 9th 2019|Categories: Pastas, Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , , |

Easy fixed but made from scratch vegetarian macaroni with veggies and halloumi cheese!

Vegetarian quesadillas with avocado

By | September 6th 2019|Categories: Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , , , |

Delicious vegetarian dish with crunchy baked wraps filled with a Mexican style mix with zucchini, vegetarian minced meat, corn and grate cheese and add the delicious avocado dip.

August 2019

Vegetarian potato salad

By | August 15th 2019|Categories: Salads|Tags: , , |

Homemade BBQ salad!

Salmon tartar

By | August 10th 2019|Categories: Fish dishes|Tags: , |

Delicious salmon tartar.... the pictures say it all!! Enjoy!

Yellow zucchini salad

By | August 8th 2019|Categories: Salads|Tags: , , |

Lovely salad with yellow zucchini, pesto, bell pepper and parmesan cheese! The zucchini comes freshly froms my moms garden and even though I am not planning to have my own vegetable garden, I have to admit the taste is so much better, much smoother and full of flavours!

July 2019

Pangasius in Italian herb sauce

By | July 30th 2019|Categories: Fish dishes|Tags: , , |

Quick, delicious and easy oven dish with white fish. The dish has a lot of flavours due to the fresh herbs and ingredients. As we know, good delicious food does not need much dressing up, just fresh and great ingredients.