December 2020

Eggplant-truffle raviolis

By | December 18th 2020|Categories: Christmas, Pastas, Tapas, Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , |

Raviolis filled with eggplant, parmesan and truffle. Delicious! Making homemade raviolis is a bit of work but definitely worth it!

Chicory-lamb’s lettuce salad

By | December 17th 2020|Categories: Christmas, Salads, Side dishes, Vegetarian dishes|Tags: |

Lovely salad that is a bit bitter but the truffle dressing works really well with that. This side salad fits perfectly with this vegetarian Christmas dish: Vegetarian Wellington

Halibut-salmon roll

By | December 16th 2020|Categories: Christmas, Fish dishes, Tapas|Tags: , |

Smoked salmon salad covered in a smoked halibut roll yum yum! Delicious snack on your New Years Eve tapas table or as a small starter for your Christmas dinner! Enjoy and stay healthy!

Mocha tiramisu

By | December 15th 2020|Categories: Christmas, Desserts|Tags: |

Inspired by the Italian dessert; Tiramisu. This version only has one layer so it is not too heavy at the end of your dinner. It is easy to make but takes at least 3 hours to cool in the fridge so please plan ahead.

Norway lobsters with a smooth lobster sauce

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Christmas-worthy shellfish dish; delicious Norway lobsters with a smooth and creamy lobster sauce, blanched green asparagus and a smooth mash. The sauce is very easy to make with the base lobster stock: lobster stock

Lobster stock

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Delicious lobster stock that you can utilize as a base for for example; lobster soup, a fish soup or a lobster sauce with a nice piece of fish. Making the stock is easy, only emptying the lobster is a bit of work but for the rest you can just read a good book whilst the stock is simmering. Tip: divide in several portions and place them in the freezer so you can enjoy your work in several batches.