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20 10, 2019

Crumble with pear

October 20th 2019|Categories: Desserts|Tags: |0 Comments

Easy peasy dessert but lovely when you serve it lukewarm.... maybe with some whipped cream :)

7 12, 2017

Salad with raspberries, goat cheese and pear.

December 7th 2017|Categories: Christmas, Salads, Vegetarian dishes|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Easy peasy but festive salad. I love the balance between the sweet of the pears and raspberries and the savory taste of the goat cheese. This is why I often combine fruits and cheeses in my salads. It's a nice a colorful addition to the Christmas dinner.

7 01, 2017

Stewed pears with vanilla ice-cream and a hot mousse of stewed pears

January 7th 2017|Categories: Desserts|Tags: |0 Comments

Homemade mousse from stewed pears! Great invention! I really liked this combination with warm mousse and vanilla ice cream. Very tasty!

27 12, 2016

Stewed Pears

December 27th 2016|Categories: Side dishes|Tags: , |0 Comments

Stewed pears, I actually don't know if this is something typically Dutch. But if this is the case, it's time for a change! Pears stewed in red wine with orange and cinnamon are the best! Try them out and taste the warmth and sweetness of winter! 140 minutes [...]

5 11, 2016

Tarte Flambé with pear and blue cheese

November 5th 2016|Categories: Tapas|Tags: , |0 Comments

Tasty, non-standard vegetarian tarte flambe!