Spring onions

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28 11, 2017

Steak tartare

November 28th 2017|Categories: Christmas, Meat dishes|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Steak Tartare, people are always sharing their horror stories about a visit to France where they wanted to have a really nice piece of meat and ordered Tartare without knowing this is raw meat. Raw fish is very well accepted these days but meat not so much yet. This is just a small bite and very tasty. Since it contains cow meat, you can safely eat it raw but just make sure you buy the real stuff at a butcher. This is very important for the taste. Go and give it a try!

20 12, 2016

Lobster soup

December 20th 2016|Categories: Fish dishes, Soup|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Lobster soup! Always my favorite if it's on the menu of a restaurant and now I've got the perfect recipe. Yes, it's tricky and it costs time but the result.....hmmmmm soo rewarding! The best thing about this soup is that it's not creamy but very, very tasty. Delicious as a [...]

12 07, 2016

Easy, vegetarian rice and vegetables dish

July 12th 2016|Categories: Side dishes|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

Sometimes you are just not in the mood or don't have the time to cook, but take-away isn't really what you want to eat... what do you do? Well, you can quickly make this vegetarian rice dish. It's really easy, quick, very tasteful and it's healthy as well. I was a bit busy myself lately to really take the time to cook, so this dish was my lifesaver.

5 03, 2016

Avocado – Cucumber soup with shrimps

March 5th 2016|Categories: Tapas|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

Done with Gazpacho? Interested in a good alternative for the typical Spanish soup? This might be a good opportunity for a change; a nice and fresh avocado – cucumber soup.

23 02, 2016

Salad of avocado and apple with feta and spring onions

February 23rd 2016|Categories: Salads|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

It's time for another very tasty salad!! Feta, apple and avocado form a perfect combination and the dressing adds a little spicy flavour!