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29 04, 2016

Tip: ice-cubes with a twist!

April 29th 2016|Categories: Tips & Tricks|0 Comments

Besides all the glasses of wine and beer on the terrace I usually only drink water and lemonade during the summer.

15 04, 2016

TIP: get an immersion blender

April 15th 2016|Categories: Tips & Tricks|0 Comments

My best friend in the kitchen; the immersion blender. I don’t think I spend two days cooking without using it. Honestly, I think that the € 35 spend on my blender are the best euro’s I ever spend.

25 03, 2016

No garlic smells the day after!

March 25th 2016|Categories: Tips & Tricks|0 Comments

This is exactly the reason that I always remove the root of the garlic. It’s very easy and your co-workers will be very grateful the next day.

27 01, 2016

Pasta drying rack

January 27th 2016|Categories: Tips & Tricks|0 Comments

It’s time for tip #2: My second tip will make your life in the kitchen easier. As you’ve noticed I always make fresh pasta.

11 12, 2015

Spanking a pomegranate

December 11th 2015|Categories: Tips & Tricks|Tags: |0 Comments

For me, cooking is some kind of a natural habit and therefore some skills seem normal to me but I keep discovering they are not known to everybody.